Monday, August 1, 2011

And now a little Cricut...

Hi Everyone!  For those who know me, you know I LOVE my Cricut!  It is so fun to play with and I make lots of cute things for school.

Today I am posting a couple photos of a Thank You "card" I made with my Cricut to thank my co-workers for a wonderful birthday celebration.  I used the "Walk in My Garden" cartridge and cut a bunch of different flowers, hearts, leaves, stem, etc.  For the colors, I chose paper that were realistic and also coordinate well with the heart paper.  I created a four-panel card, attached the ribbon ties and then decorated it with the red paper (with sanded edges), the heart paper and the "Thanks A Bunch" sentiments.

The flowers were all arranged and glued in place inside the card. Be sure to arrange flowers from edge to edge so that when the card is tied, the flowers go all the way around, without a gap.

Then I covered the raw ends of all the stems with another four-panel piece of cardstock.  When the ribbons are tied, you can stand the card up, like a vase.  When they are untied, your message can be read on the inside.  This is what the card looks like untied and flat.

Here is a photo of the card, all tied up and standing.  When upright, the card is approximately 12" tall.  

Cute, huh?  I was so proud and I can honestly say that I haven't anything quite like it.
Hope you can try this out.  It really is fun!
Till next time,


Anonymous said...
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Steph said...

This is as cute as a card can get, Jen!